Open Meetings are held at local centres around the UK and overseas, and include discussions of religious philosophy, readings and discussions of sacred texts.  These meetings are intended for non-members, further details from The Secretary at Fintry.

Retreats and talks open to the public are held at Fintry all year round - see the Fintry Trust website .


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The Shrine of Wisdom

Part of the frontispiece to "The Simple Way" published by The Shrine of Wisdom,  from "Immortals on a Raft", copyright the trustees of The British Museum

The associated site for Shrine of Wisdom philosophical, religious and mystical works of universal significance

The Fintry Trust

Fintry Trust

The headquarters of The Universal Order is at Fintry, Godalming, Surrey, England, a retreat house set in beautiful and extensive grounds.  See the Fintry Trust website