The Universal Order


The Universal Order is an organization which exists for those who wish to benefit by a knowledge of the universal essence of the known great teachings of all ages.

It does not represent a sect or a particular school of thought, but rather is a system of training in universal wisdom, founded upon the basic principles underlying all science, art, philosophy and religion.

It is intended for those who seek clear instruction along these lines.

The Order's system avoids dogma and particular creeds, and adheres to the principles that can be fully demonstrated and made self-evident to all minds.  Membership does not commit the individual to the views or doctrines of any particular person, religion, philosophy or school of thought, but rather is a means whereby to become acquainted with essential truths and principles.

The Order was established in its modern form in 1923.  Although it is universal and has a world-wide membership, it is not a popular movement, but nor is it a secret society.

Its system of training follows the methods and principles indicated by the known great teachers of all time, whose teachings are still accessible for reference, and whose objects are the elevation and enlightenment of the human race.

The purpose for which the Order exists is to set out the self-demonstrable principles, reasons, causes and laws, a knowledge of which is indispensable for the individual and collective illumination and regeneration of mankind.  It has no other motive than that of co-operating with all movements dedicated to the work of uplifting humanity.

If this seems too altruistic, the Order points simply to the ideal and disinterested attitude of the great teachers and leaders of mankind in all ages, who freely and wholeheartedly sacrificed themselves for the sake of others, without claiming recognition or reward.

By entering The Universal Order, an individual may come into touch with others who work in the same impersonal manner and who are dominated by that same ideal and altruistic spirit.