To the Sacred Majesty of Truth


Many people experience a longing for something beyond their current circumstances: something purer and more lasting. Some may feel themselves alone in upholding principles not obviously valued by society. Established religion may not seem to help, yet neither do passing fashions and schools of thought fully satisfy this need.

Countless philosophical and religious systems are now available for those who seek truth. It is possible to follow any number of these systems without ever finding an explanation of the unity that undoubtedly underlies them all.

The Universal Order is a small yet world-wide organisation, which offers systematic teaching in those philosophical principles which underlie all real knowledge and wisdom, and which are the foundation of all creation.

Its teachings demonstrate the underlying unity of Eastern and Western religions: the religion of the spirit. This perennial philosophy has been the goal of mystics, saints and philosophers of all ages.

Each individual has a distinct place and purpose in the world, and training in The Universal Order enables members to realize the deeper significance of all that they do, while leaving them free to apply the ideas in their own self-chosen way.

It should be noted that members of The Universal Order are asked not to give up any ideas or beliefs they already hold, but rather to follow their reason and conscience in all things.

Apart from an entrance fee of £1, no money is required at any stage. The Universal Order relies solely on voluntary donations.

For the introductory leaflet to The Universal Order, please write to The Secretary, Fintry, Brook, Godalming, Surrey GU8 5UQ, England, or e-mail: giving your name and postal address.